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We pride ourselves with following safety industry standards. 

Environment & Sustainability
Our Company

Moree Farms initially began as the primary supplier of feed and grain to Moree’s Sportmans Preserve in Society Hill, SC.  Even to this day, we supply our hunting preserve with enough provisions to feed ducks, deer, hogs, etc.  We soon picked up more acreage and began farming row crops on an annual basis in a traditional setting.  


Our fly ash hauling and spreading services began in the early 90’s within the paper mill industry. Over the past 25 years, we have helped growers maintain productive PH levels in their soil through a no-cost strategy.  

Our solutions are eco-friendly. We turn an industrial by-product into a reusable resource for farmers. Thus avoiding landfills, lakes, and streams. 


About Moree Farms 

We look forward to working with you and providing a long-term plan of soil maintenance and productivity.
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